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Our History…

Tiffeny Richarson, Owner and CEO of Exquisite Pink Boutique, is a wife, mother, sister, business women and fashionista. Her love for fashion started when she was very young. She thrived to be different and to have different style. She is passionate about helping others succeed in having their own Fashionable Style. Exquisite Pink Boutique is the boutique that says, “You can be Beautiful, and you can be YOU!” Tiffeny has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is working toward her Masters in Human Resources. Tiffeny loves to inspire, motivate and empower women to love the skin they are in and to be themselves. She is also an active advocate for the fight against Breast Cancer. Her mom, aunt, and best friend are Breast Cancer survivors. Tiffeny is thrilled to have a boutique as a place for YOU to be different and. Thank you for shopping with Exquisite Pink Boutique where you can be BEAUTIFUL and Be YOU!